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If you were looking for a great way to learn Russian in the center of Kiev, you came to the right place! learn RussianRussian language is the most widespread Slavic language in the world with speakers all around the globe. Russian gives a whole bunch of opportunities in business, tourism, etc. Our language school EXTRALINGUA provides a quick and effective way to learn Russian. Our teachers are using a wide array of teaching techniques and materials that will surely make you master this difficult and complex language. Russian language   All of our teachers have linguistic education and a long experience of teaching Russian and other languages. Our courses will suit not only the beginners, but also more advanced students.     These are the courses that we are providing:
Individual classes Group classes
This type of classes will fit the people that want a more individual approach where all of the teacher’s attention is focused on one student. — 100% of the teacher’s attention — the teaching program is adapted to the student’s needs and wishes — Flexible timetable — Immediate corrections to the student’s weaknesses during the learning process If you prefer studying in a group, communicating with other students and working in a group, our group classes will be perfect for you. — Groups up to 6 people Flexible timetable Wide array of communicative teaching methods (debates, discussions, quizzes, etc. ) Possibility to meet interesting people, who are also studying the same language
Classes via Skype Intensive classes
If you don’t want to waste your precious time and money for the road, but want to study Russian anyway, we provide lessons via skype too! — all the learning materials are provided online flexible timetable If you want to master Russian in the smallest amount of time possible we will recommend you our intensive course. — we develop an individual timetable precisely for you! — the best and the fastest memorizing and teaching techniques


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